LK IHC Control

Visualization of an IHC Control electrical installation.
An introduction to IHC Control is available at Lauritz Knudsens web site - English - Danish

The IHC Control software consists of:
IHC Visual Configuration of the functionality and behaviour of the electrical installation. This Windows-based tool is used by the electrical installer.
IHC Administrator Administration of the IHC controller (IP address, access control, email notifications etc.).
IHC SceneView Graphical presentation of the electrical installation.
IHC SceneDesign Tool to design the presentation displayed with SceneView.
IHC ServiceView Direct access to all public resources in the installation.
Online reports Documentation for the end user and installer.

All these applications are web based except for IHC Visual (regular Windows application).
If the IHC controller is connected to a network, all web based applications can be started from the IHC controllers web page (*).
Start your favourite browser and enter the IP address of the IHC controller.
Depending on how the IHC controller is configured (access control), the web page displays the available applications.

Try accessing a test IHC controller: test-ihc
Start SceneView using a guest account (username guest and password guest).
The other applications requires an administrative account.

(*) Software requirements
Java 2 Standard Edition 1.5 (or later) from Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Free download from Sun Microsystems here
Notice that the web-based tools uses Java WebStart.